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  • Song of Motherland

    1949年10月1日開國大典毛主席在天安門城樓上莊嚴宣布 而今2019年意味著中國已經建國整整70周年 70年,中華大地滄桑巨變 首先,讓感受一下我們現場觀眾以及拉拉隊的熱情,

    2019-09-28 11:41

  • August birthday party

    In order to enrich the employees'spare time life, truly appreciate the concern of the enterprise

    2019-08-30 10:59

  • Table Tennis Competition

    In order to further enrich the cultural life of employees, enhance the spirit of teamwork and enh

    2019-08-28 15:38

  • June Outreach activities

    In order to enrich the spare-time life of employees, in order to cultivate the team spirit of employ

    2019-07-27 11:20

  • June employee birthday party

    2019-07-27 11:18

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